Ways to save money on home renovations

Renovate Your HouseA house makeover does not need to be expensive, there are ways to save money and maintain the design quality of a particular space. Nowadays, there are many appliance manufacturers like IKEA who are willing to offer cheaper versions of their high end counterparts and all that it takes is research on the house owner’s part in order to be able to find it.

1. Ask for remaining paint from neighbors

Instead of purchasing new paints, you can ask family members to provide left over paint that is still in good condition. If you can’t get the paint you like, then choose white paint. Choosing white paint is strategic, because it is easy to blend with other concepts and designs. White remains stylish, and could also be used for covering up cabinets and matching them up with old upper units.

2. Paint old tables and chairs with bright colors

Old bright paints could also be used as a way to save up money on home redecorating projects.
Tables, chairs and old items in the house that are made of wood can gain a new image by getting repainted with a different color. There is no need to spend money on new furniture, there is just a need to find ways to make old items look more interesting.

3. Cover throw pillows with fabrics that are no longer used

Select interesting dress patterns and cloth patterns and use them to recover old throw cushions for the sofa, homeowners could also piece together old clothes and other cloth materials in order to come up with new bed sheets and table covers.

4. Replace old photos

There are old photos that have been hanged on the wall for a very long time.
It is time for them to graduate, they can be kept and stored in a cabinet and new pictures could be used to adorn the house.

5. Redesign closets

Closets could look a bit more interesting, you can commission the help of a local artist to incorporate a new design in the closets; they can draw a face, flower, scenery or even Mandala designs, anything that they feel would make the room light up and gain a new identity.

6. Purchase a new lamp

The lamp does not have to be expensive, the lamp could also be home made, there are a number of DIY lamp designs that could be imitated online in order to produce a lamp work of art.

7. Print your own Instagram of Tumblr photos and put them as center decors inside the house.

They could also be incorporated in the pillows. This is one good way to save on the decorations and make the house look even more unique.

8. Make your bathroom mirrors look a bit more interesting by adding varying colors of tile accents, this is a cheap way to redecorate the bathroom and make it look special

There are so many creative ways to make any house look vibrant without the need to spend thousands of dollars for a house make over.